Grado RS1e Reference Series Headphones

The Grado Reference Series RS1e Headphones bring music alive. The sound is powerful, and the clarity of the high frequencies is so outstanding that it’s almost as if you can see colors in a rainbow.

Tailored to the finest detail, these Grado Reference Series RS1e Headphones are filled with beauty. With an innovative 8 conductor cable and sleek mahogany wood earpieces, they’re a sight to behold. They’re beautiful enough to be used as décor as well – a perfect work of art in your home or office!

Grado RS1e Headphones have a beautiful mahogany finish. Crafted with intricate details and features, these headphones are perfect for professionals who demand a precise sound that’s free of noise interference. Smooth highs and lows meet a frequency range between 12-30 kHz to deliver an open-air experience unlike any other in the market.

These #1 rated professional headphones weigh 9oz each and come complete with an 8 conductor cable design that matches drivers within 0.05dB precision as well as a 50mm dynamic transducer sweet spot thanks to a powerful new species of handcrafted mahogany.

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Grado RS1e Reference Series Headphones
Grado RS1e Reference Series Headphones

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