BARSKA Biometric Rifle Safe with Fingerprint Lock

Barska's Biometric Rifle Safe is reliable, quick, and constructed with good material. It can stores up to 24 firearms and is perfect for quick access when you need it most. The Biometric Module can hold up to 120 fingerprints for a better user experience and it has an optional silent mode. Beautifully built from 100% steel, this safe features a 3-point lock system which makes break-ins practically impossible.

The Barska Biometric Rifle Safe is designed to store your entire firearms collection in one compact container. Rifles, shotguns, pistols, and more will stay protected while being ready for quick access if needed thanks to the fast 2.5 second access time when armed with fingerprint recognition software on the biometric safe lock!

The pry-resistant locking mechanism makes it an ideal choice for peace of mind when storing high-value items. Space is not enough? Mount this compact gun cabinet anywhere around the home or your property using its mounting brackets (hardware included). Create a layered defense system against unauthorized intruders that threaten your weapons!

Barska’s Biometric Rifle Safe is easy-to-use and provides quick access with its new high-quality biometric module. For added security, there are 3 built-in steel deadbolts. When it comes to the safety of your family, look no further than the Barska Biometric Rifle Safe with Fingerprint Lock.

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BARSKA Biometric Rifle Safe with Fingerprint Lock
BARSKA Biometric Rifle Safe with Fingerprint Lock

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